Discover La Sultane de Saba's Enchanting Rose Collection: A Journey for the Senses

Discover La Sultane de Saba's Enchanting Rose Collection: A Journey for the Senses

Discover La Sultane de Saba's Enchanting Rose Collection: A Journey for the Senses

A la vie à la Rose: The Essence of Self-Care

La Sultane de Saba is renowned for crafting luxurious beauty products that not only enchant the senses but also provide deeply nourishing benefits for your skin. One such treasure in our line is the Rose Collection (Body Collection, Face Collection)—an assortment of products formulated with the timeless scent of rose, aimed to rejuvenate the skin and calm the mind. From BB cream to Honey Healing Mask, this collection is nothing short of a celebration of the senses.


Hammam to Calm the Body and Mind

Begin your self-care routine with the calming rituals of a hammam, designed to relax your body and refresh your spirit. Create your own hammam at home and prepare your skin for the luxurious experience that awaits.

Greedy Texture, Silky Smoothness: The Body Sugar Scrub

Exfoliate away dullness and impurities with our Body Sugar Scrub's deliciously greedy texture. It not only leaves your skin feeling invigorated but also prepares it for the next step in your lavish routine.

Creamy and Nourishing: The Body Melting Balm

Hydrate your skin to the core with our ultra-nourishing Body Melting Balm. Its creamy texture locks in moisture and provides long-lasting softness, making your skin feel velvety to the touch.

A Timeless Journey: Rose Scented Shirodara Bowl

Elevate your spa experience at home with our Rose Scented Shirodara bowl. Its aromatic allure transports you to a timeless journey, wrapping your senses in rose-infused luxury.

Massage Absolutely Rose

Get lost in the depths of relaxation with our "Absolutely Rose" massage oil, perfect for deep tissue work and gentle relaxation techniques.

This oil is not only nourishing but also fragrant enough to uplift your spirits.

Radiant and Glowing: Rose Instant Radiance Care

Don't forget your face in this luxury treat. Our Rose Instant Radiance Care facial treatments will leave your skin glowing and radiant, thanks to its nourishing and revitalizing properties.

New to the Collection: Rose Shower Cream

The latest addition to this alluring collection is the Rose Shower Cream. Indulge in its luxurious lather and transformative scent, turning an everyday routine into a lavish experience.

Catch the Rose Fever: Rose Addicte & Ma vie en Rose

Are you a Rose Addicte yet? With La Sultane de Saba’s Rose Collection, you will soon find yourself saying, "Ma vie en Rose"—because life is indeed rosier when you surround yourself with the soothing and opulent delights of these extraordinary products. Pre-order now!


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